KEDRAB 360° Program Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in learning about KEDRAB® (Rabies Immune Globulin [Human]). Kedrion Biopharma is proud to offer you KEDRAB, a biologic therapy for one of the world’s oldest and deadliest diseases, rabies.1


Few diseases anywhere in the world kill with the ruthlessness of rabies. Few companies are so dedicated to preventing it.


We look forward to sharing a comprehensive set of educational tools and administrative resources to help guide you and your institution on all things rabies. At Kedrion Biopharma, we are dedicated to rabies education, prevention, and clinical excellence and maintain valuable relationships within the rabies prevention community.

Reference: 1. Fooks AR, Banyard AC, Horton DL, Johnson N, McElhinney LM, Jackson AC. Current status of rabies and prospects for elimination. Lancet. 2014;384:1389-1399.